About RPR Technologies

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Save money and reduce the impact on the environment with the RPR induction based coating remover

RPR Induction is Cost efficient

With a minimum of power consumption even the thickest and hardest coatings must surrender.

  • The Induction Disbonder is up to 10 times faster than conventional methods.
  • Work day and night shifts without disturbing the neighbours.
  • Plug & Play. Compact unit that is easy to bring and install -anywhere.
  • Minimum wear & tear.

Environmentally friendly

The Induction Disbonder removes asbestos, lead and toxic coatings without compromising the health of the operators nor the environment.

  • No dust. No noise.
  • 75 % energy reduction.
  • Minimum waste management.
  • An excellent safety record.

Health, security & environment

Contractors and facility owners will appreciate the opportunity to work without disturbing and contaminating with dust and noise:

  • on bridges in city centers and river crossings.
  • In areas of power plants, control rooms and confined spaces.
  • On offshore installations, cut expensive sand/grit and fresh water logistics.
  • On pipelines that cross protected and sensitive nature.

ship storage-tanks pipes bridges offshore environment